GDPR Statement

 On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect across European Union (EU) member states, impacting any organization that processes personal data of EU individuals. GDPR represents a strengthening and harmonizing of existing data privacy rights for individuals in the European Union.  ibüümerang is committed to protecting personal data of our EU employees, contractors, customers, and vendors, regardless of where that data is processed.  We have a robust security program and an established series of internal policies, processes, and practices across our organization to ensure that personal data of EU individuals is processed appropriately and protected in our information systems.  When processing the personal data of EU individuals, we:

Below are some highlights of how ibüümerang is ensuring compliance with GDPR: 

Data Breach Response Plan: In the event of a data breach that may impact the security of employee, customer, or vendor personal data, we will take steps to notify EU authorities within 72 hours of discovery of the incident. 

Data Privacy Impact Assessment: When initiating new projects or products, implementing new software, or on-boarding new vendors that may process personal data of EU individuals, we will assess data privacy impact in order to ensure that personal data is adequately protected in any systems or processes controlled by ibüümerang. 

Data Subject Rights: We understand that anyone doing business with us may have questions about the types of personal data ibüümerang processes about them. If you would like to make a request about the personal data ibüümerang processes, please email your request to the email below.

Removal of your Information: We understand and respect any member/customer that wishes to remove their personal data within our business. We ask that you email the company directly to with the following details:




and also include in your email the following:


I am in acceptance that because I will be removing some or all of my personal information from your database I acknowledge that with the removal of all/or some of the data may interfere with the business flow and I choose to OPT out of the business of ibüümerang and therefore I accept my account will be closed and a confirmation email will be sent to me confirming my account has been closed and all my information has been deleted from your system.


All the above information will be required to remove your information and then close your ibüümerang account.


Still Have Questions:

If you have questions about ibüümerang and GDPR, please contact 

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